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MF DESIGN Reztec Interest-1000 11˝ Thick Mattress with Pillow Top

Product Code: 4885
Availability: In stock
Weight: 68.0000KG
RM 763.00
RM 902.00
* Only deliver within Johor, Malacca, Negeri Sembilan and Selangor / Kuala Lumpur.
* Inventory: 14
* Minimum Order: 1
*Mf Design Reztec Interest-1000 11˝ Thick Mattress With Pillow Top:
Product Description





Reztec Negative Ions Mattress provide you a refreshing and rejuvenating rest. Negative ions Mattress help to neutralize free radicals, revitalize cells to increase metabolism and enhance the immunity system of the human body. Reztec negative ions mattress helps in the blood circulation during your sleep and therefore releases stress and no tiredness after a good rest. In addition to the above, the Nion-1000 also comes with luxurious fabric cover to pamper you with a comfortable night’s rest. All in all, it is a sleep system designed to promote healthful sleep and relaxation. 

Reztec Nion-1000 Mattress Height is 11" inches thick with a Pillow Top for extra comfort. Made from Bonnel spring and knitted Fabric finish will made your sleep truly cosy and comfortable. Mattress have come with 12 years warranty.
Size (L x W x H)
SIZE: 190 x 153 x 28 cm(QUEEN)(68KG)
SIZE: 190 x 183 x 28 cm(KING) (70KG)
SIZE : 190 x 92 x 28 cm (SINGLE) (33KG)
SIZE : 190x 107 x 28 cm (SUPER SINGLE) (33KG)
Package Include
MF DESIGN Reztec Interest-1000 11˝ Thick Mattress with Pillow Top X 1
Delivery Service
- For all of our delivery service, your delivery location must be accessible via elevator. If the delivery crew is unable to send furniture to your location via the elevator at the point of delivery . If the process is deemed hazardous, (e.g furniture or infrastructure prone to damage on narrow stairway, obstruction of passageway), In the event that delivery is deemed unfeasible, MF DESIGN FURNITURE reserves the right to cancel the delivery. Should delivery via staircase be deemed safe, additional charges per item will be as follows: First non lift-accessible storey free of charge (e.g. staircase delivery from ground floor to level two is free) + RM20 per item transported to a subsequent non lift-accessible storey (i.e. staircase delivery of a wardrobe and a kettle to the 4th non-lift accessible storey (e.g. Level 5 of a shophouse etc) will cost an additional RM120 . [(1 X 2 X 0) + (3 X 2 X RM20 ) = RM120 ].
Estimated Arrival
After payment confirmed, your product will be delivery in 7 to 14 working days , if in doubt please call us to avoid misunderstanding.
Assembly Required
Free delivery and assembly service for main residential area of KL/Selangor, N.Sembilan, Melacca and Johor area.
Colour Available
Please check with us the colour available for this product to avoid misunderstanding.
Customer Reviews
  • Tay Chiew Ching
    23 Jan 2018
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    good product.. comfortable
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